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For me restoration of the body means to go back to its origin and natural state.

It is not a must to go back but it is possible, if you want to.

With the lightnes of the material I want to express the easyness of moving out of the box to lighten up your body.

It needs strength and confidence to show yourself and be yourself.

Feel the lightness if you try?

Restoration versus decoration?


Pictures courtesy Steve Brett

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Join Susan and Rene for the opening of this truly intriguing exhibition. Susan shows the paintings from the very start of her "Restoration Series", never before seen in Grenada Added are the paintings and photography of Especias Raras (Rare Spice) that made their debut in Medellin, Colombia.

Rene's sculptures are elegant. Light and form take your imagination to a place you may not have anticipated.

A performance will delight your evening--spoken word from a very personal place by a surprise artist.

Susan Mains Paintings

Rene Froehlich Sculpture

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