Inside Out

artworks by rene


It is all too easy to see the exterior.........

It is much more difficult and challenging to see the interior - the inside world...

And it is often difficult to witness the elusive interior world - even to ourselves.

It becomes one of the great mysteries.

The sculptures of this show represent the dichotomy of truly knowing our selves, and understanding such a fundamental fact of life.

" know they self"........ inside out


So Be It Just Do It Behind The Scenes Time To Make My Mind Meditation Letís Just Call It Love Out Of My Mind In The Box Set Your Loving Free Well Being Detail of Well Being Get Out Now

Press Release

Read the press release written by Asher Mains.

Bernardo Wendy Bertucci of Laluna with Rene In The Box Set Your Loving Free Out Of My Mind Sculptures by Rene Froehlich So Be It

Great write up by Grenada Soul Adventurer:

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