three artists - the same language


different types of expression.

the attempt to build a bridge - between different worlds of expression and perception.

the bridge

what is between

~ light and darkness ~

~ love and hatred ~

~ heath and cold ~

perception mostly only takes place in the extreme.

i try to give light into that what is between . . .

reflection of existence and nothing . . .

of existing and imaginary . . .

the between is glue, viscous mush, which is reflected in various colours of the society.

what is between "standing with both feet firmly on the ground" and "floating"?

tension ~ creativity ~ impression ~ explosion

what is between oliver and myself « ¯ ¿ ¤ ¦

two walls with nutmeg - shells - susan takes a bath!

between oliver and susan « ¯ ¿ ¤ ¦

i fill a room with steel cuboids!

between susan and myself « ¯ ¿ ¤ ¦

oliver shoves coloured columns back and forth!

we are playing ---- society

we ignore and are still interested.

we let go and still hold on.

we open doors and gates and still do not want to see what is behind.

between is

give up what you have ~ take what you can


growing in the middle of the light

growing in the middle of the light

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